Forget-Me-Not Garden Design

Forget-Me-Not Garden Design was formed in 1995 by Malcolm Beech. His main aim was to ensure that all our clients can enjoy the benefits of their gardens with minimal effort. 

We make this possible through the provision of our highly skilled and experienced gardeners. So whether your garden - large or small - is in need of some caring attention or ongoing maintenance, we can ensure it is always in tip top condition. 

Our maintenance division, with all its skills and expertise, is on hand to sustain the shaping and evolving of your dream garden. 

About Us

Based in North Finchley

With our roots in North London, we are a friendly landscaping and gardening firm with a wealth of experience.

Friendly & professional help

None of that high-brow talk from us, you'll get the low-down in a straight-forward manner but we assure service of the highest quality.

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Forget-Me-Not Garden Design


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Team members

Malcolm Beech

Malcolm Beech

Founder & Manager

From a very early age tending the flower beds and cutting the grass at the foot of the Dublin mountains for my parents to top up my pocket money, I have always dreamed of one day managing my own gardening company.

Twenty years ago I did just that. From small beginnings the company has evolved into what it is now. Please take a look further and judge for yourself, what I believe to be one of the only true and original landscape and garden companies in London. I now have a team of 8 people working with me - here are some of my key people.



Whether its lawn-mowing or fence building, Adam is your man.





Garden Designer

Melanie is our regular garden designer and she is a huge asset to our work. If you use a garden designer at the outset you will find that the structural, planting and maintenance work will all be better planned and quicker to execute and inevitably cheaper for you to establish.

Everything whether it is a house, an iPad or a garden will benefit from a solid design. If you use Melanie as your designer and she will come along, talk to you about your aspirations for the garden, take precise measurements and then draw up a garden design and a planting plan. Once you are happy with the design we will bring it to life. Paying for a design now will save you money in the long run.

Melanie's designs can be simple or intricate. You decide and then we will make it happen.



Stephen is our chief planter. His colour combinations will astound you.

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